by Assemblage Project

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This year Assemblage Project is excited to announce it has two shows at FASHFEST on two different nights.

Friday night show Assemblage Project is featuring three New Zealand designers. Kowtow is for independent women who don’t compromise on style and ethics. This is comfortable, well cut, sustainable and ethical clothing. Senorita AweSUMO empowers ethical and conscious consumers with unique, environmental fashion. The AUNTY garments are individually cut and sewn, many one-off designs. All labels will be available at an exhibition Assemblage Project will host in-store after FASHFEST.

For the Saturday night show Assemblage Project is showcasing local, Australian designers. Edition explores sustainable design and zero waste pattern making. Edition is a Canberra based label. High Tea with Mrs Woo is Newcastle based. The three sisters behind the label create beautiful clothing inspired by memory, stories and the landscape.

To view the FASHFEST programmes and to buy tickets visit the FASHFEST website.