Melbourne Trip

by Assemblage Project

A couple of weeks ago the three of us trekked down to Melbourne to go to the jewellery, gift and lifestyle trade shows.

We went to find out what else was happening in the world of making and retail and to (hopefully) find some lovely new products to share with you all. The trade shows are split into two - LifeInstyle, which is mostly Australian designed and made products, and Reed Gift and Giving fair, mostly products imported from China or India.

It is really quite interesting to go to both and see the ideas filtering down from small designer to mass production and also to encounter just how much STUFF gets made in the world, it takes a good 3-4 days to walk through all the stalls and this would be tiny compared to some other trade shows!

It really drove home (for me at least - Gemma) the importance of supporting smaller locally made products and designers. I am happy to let you know that we found three new labels to share with you that are all made in Melbourne by people who are incredibly passionate about what they do.

Unfortunately I forgot to take any photos at the actual trade show so am just sharing images of their products from the web. The labels we will be introducing are: Insync jewellery, Temono leather bags and Luna Gallery knitwear. We will go into more depth on them all soon so stay tuned for more blogs.

We have already received the beautiful pieces from Insync and they are selling quickly so pop in soon to check them out. Temono and Luna Gallery will be arriving in about a month or so and we will keep you updated.

We hope you enjoy these products as much as we do. :)


Team Assemblage Project